NYFW Portrey’s Live Stream

A few weeks ago, my friend, Maridalia, told me about a live stream event during NYFW. Wanting to become more involved with fashion again, I bought a ticket. I wasn’t sure what to expect because I haven’t been to many fashion events that weren’t a part of the school I used to go to. I still bought a whole new outfit during my visit back home in California though.

We took a bus from Jersey into the city, then took a cab to the event on Madison. Now, I was a bit nervous because I thought it was going to be some upscale party, but it was actually very fun and comfortable! They had a few screens with the show going on, some different music, food, wine, DIY Valentine’s Day cards, makeup (Lyne Cosmetics), and a photobooth. Nothing could be said about the makeup since we both went with makeup on already. Anyway, it was more like a party for younger people rather than an upscale event for adults. We did a bit of everything before going back to watch more shows and the girl distributing treats and wine were nice enough to let us grab a third glass! She was very adorable and seemed to get along great with everyone, so the room didn’t seem so awkward even though it was separated from the other activities on the floor.

After our last glass of wine it got hot and I felt dizzy (I don’t drink) and there wasn’t much left to do, so we decided to leave and go to Mc Donald’s, then back off to Jersey.

It was a lovely, relaxed event that anyone would feel comfortable at because everyone there seemed so accepting and sweet.

My Outfit:

Processed with VSCO

I wore gingham patterned cigarette pants, a black Zara sweater with a ruffle slit on the side and a gold zipper detail, a Levi’s denim jacket, open toed heeled boots, and I carried my blush pink cross body bag. Not exactly what I wanted to wear, but it was too cold to not layer up.

Processed with VSCO

Maridalia (left) wore a green hoodie dress with green eyeshadow underneath her eyes to match, brown lace up heels, and had her matching monogrammed Louis Vuitton tote. Her outfit matched very well!

Definitely one for the books.


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