Mini E.L.F. Haul!

Just the other day I stopped into the E.L.F. store in my mall right before work. I had half an hour to kill and I was looking for a light weight foundation for the warm weather, so I thought “what’s the harm of checking them out?” I ended up with 7 products instead of one. I finally got a chance to test all of the products out today and I can honestly say I’m pretty impressed! Below are my thoughts of the products that I picked up:

  • BB Cream with SPF 20 (Beige): This was the item I went into the store for and the only item I intended on buying. One of the sales associates actually asked me what my skin type was, what kind of foundation I was looking for, what type of coverage, etc. This was the first one she recommended and we did a little swatch on my neck (I already had makeup on my face) and it matched perfectly so I took it.I applied this using my ELF Blending Sponge and it applied like a dream. I do have the Bare Minerals Perfecting Face brush that I prefer to use with my foundations, but I do think this BB Cream applies better with a sponge. This BB Cream doesn’t oxidize on me, is lightweight, makes me look radiant but not oily, and is only $6! It’s also very buildable, so you can get a medium coverage with this BB Cream if you wanted to. The only confusing and slightly worrying thing about this is that it says to apply every 2 hours. Maybe this is more for protection than more coverage?
  • HD Lifting Concealer (Light): Besides some cheap NYC Cosmetics stick concealer that didn’t give off ANY coverage, this is my first real concealer, and I’ve gotta say, I’m pleasantly impressed.This doesn’t cake up anywhere under my eyes or near my nose, it covers up blemishes extremely well, and it blends so easily! I use a bit extra underneath my eyes, and it makes a huge difference. I go from looking like I got 0 hours of sleep, to looking awake and refreshed.
  • Translucent Mattifying Powder: I wasn’t too impressed with this, but I also wasn’t disappointed. It did its job, which was mattifying, but I found myself powdering/blotting myself every few hours. One great thing about this powder is that it doesn’t give a horrible flash back when taking photos.
  • Mattifying Blotting Papers: Out of everything I picked up, this was my least favorite. I much prefer the cheaper $1 blotting sheets ELF used to have. I find the extra sticky sponge unnecessary and there’s nothing holding the blotting sheets down in the case which is horrible for someone who’s clumsy like me. The sponge holder makes it a bit difficult to get into the sides of my nose and felt a bit awkward to use in public.
  • Blending Sponge: This was my most favorite item that I walked out with! I’ve never used a Beauty Blender or any other beauty sponge because I’ve been using brushes since I started using makeup, and when I thought of makeup sponges I thought of those cheap ones that just absorb all your makeup.
    After using this, I can see such a dramatic difference between a sponge and a brush. The sponge gave more of an airbrushed look, didn’t make the BB Cream feel heavy, and felt easier to blend with.
  • Mod Glamour Luxe Lash Kit: This was the item I picked up to get my purchase up to $25 so I can get the free palette. This was in a bin that said Weylie’s lashes, and being a long time fan of Weylie, I grabbed them without hesitation. Now, I’m looking at the site and I’m pretty sure these are just the normal studio line lashes, which is a bit disappointing. Anyway, I don’t use lashes that often, but I could already tell that the glue included was of terrible quality. I opened it, and a huge dry chunk came out. After I applied them, they looked great!… Until I stepped into natural light. The glue is very noticeable, no matter how little I used and how much I tried covering it up with eyeliner. I’ll stick to just using mascara, or even trying lash extensions.
  • Cream Blush Palette (Bold): This was the free palette I picked up! I had a choice between multiple face palettes, but this one stuck out to me the most. It has 4 bright cream blushes. There’s a coral, bright pink, maroon, and a deep plum. 4 very bold shades that I never would have paid for just because I have a hard time stepping out of the box when it comes to makeup. Now, I always go for the maroon or the deep plum over my plain mauve pink blush. I also use these as lip colors, but they don’t last long on the lips.

ELF has really stepped up their game since I last used their products in high school and I look forward to trying out more from them!

(Unfortunately, VSCO deleted all of the photos I took of what I picked up, so sorry for the lack of photos in this post)


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