Chanel Fall-Winter 2017-18 Ready to Wear

The Chanel Fall-Winter 2017-18 Ready to Wear¬†fashion show has been uploaded to Chanel’s Youtube channel, and guys… Can we talk about how well Karl Lagerfeld executed this show?!

The theme, the pieces, the models, the space ship looking like it was going to shatter the glass ceiling, everything was perfect!

Every piece was gorgeous and it all tied into the space theme very well without looking like they were trying too hard. We had Chanel’s signature tweed, lots of houndstooth patterns, very flattering silhouettes, etc. What was new though? Well, one thing that stood out in mostly every top was the emphasis on stiff rounded-necks. It looked as though a space helmet could snap onto any of them. Half the collection was mostly white, the other half was mostly black/violet, and a few pieces were graphic and had space ships or moons on them. I feel that all of this helped give the show a bit of excitement and nostalgia all at the same time. It was such a weird, but nice feeling?

The white and chrome gave a futuristic vibe, which reminds me of all the years since the 60’s where we were so excited about landing on the moon and advancing as a species. We were waiting for flying cars, robots, and chrome placed everywhere. It was a time of hopefulness, which is what we need now in this dystopian-like world. Okay- calling our world a dystopia is a bit far fetched, but there is definitely a lot we could improve on and change in order to live better as a society.

The darker colors with all the silver glitter and chrome and different colors reminded me of space. They didn’t place the galaxy on a dress, but displayed space on garments elegantly.

The graphic pieces were definitely different, but I can’t say much besides that as I’m not a fan of graphics on clothes. I just feel like they get boring after a while, or just trend for an extremely short period and aren’t worth adding to your closet. It did give the show a bit of a modern touch, though.

All of this along with the space ship “taking off” was perfect, especially at this moment with NASA releasing all new exciting information. This show could have numerous meanings behind it. Was it all about NASA’s findings? Is it about trying to advance to a more modern world? Is it about unity? I don’t believe there is just one way to interpret a show like this. It was very well done.